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La Nica Act se vuelve una enérgica ley de sanciones para Nicaragua y puede sentar precedente para otros países de la región

Entrevista del Diario La Prensa a Gonzalo Vila, Director de América Latina para la Asociación de Especialistas Certificados en Delitos Financieros (ACFCS), donde se analiza el impacto de la ley Nica –firmada recientemente por el presidente Donald Trump– que abre las posibilidades de mayores sanciones al actual gobierno de Daniel Ortega en Nicaragua. Para leer […]

US courts focus on Bitcoin role in financial crime, FBI agent gives details

By Leslie Kraft Burke Financial crime specialists navigating the uncharted territory of virtual currencies trying to see how it plays in various criminal settings are receiving guidance on some of their questions from participants in a few federal trials in the United States. Two ongoing cases have produced guidance on the basic workings of Bitcoin […]

Cybercriminals, helped by unwitting insiders, pose big risk to institutions, but training is antidote

By Robert Hilson The fight against financial crime has become exceedingly more complex in recent years with the advent of technology and its resourceful camp follower, the cyber criminal. Succeeding generations of this new breed of criminal acquire new skills to exploit the evolving technology landscape. Now, a new breed of savvy cybercriminals is accessing […]

Cybercrime, threat finance links increase risk to institutions and national security

By Michael Briskie* Limiting the effects of cybercrime on the global financial infrastructure is vitally important. As the global business community becomes more reliant on technology, financial institutions and other companies face changing threats from cyber criminals. Organized crime groups around the globe continually modify and improve their techniques for hacking and stealing from organizations […]

ACFCS Member Spotlight: John Lash, CFCS, thrives on challenging criminal minds, recovering assets for victims

Forensic accountant John Lash says he welcomes the challenge of “working against some of the top criminal minds in the world.” His experience shows no lack of such challenges in his work investigating diverse financial crime matters. A member of the Charter Class of CFCS-Certified specialists, Lash finds the greatest fulfillment and gratification as a […]

New US Treasury-IRS FATCA ‘Notice’ puts FFI compliance onus and risk on ‘Responsible Officers’

If financial crime compliance professionals think that becoming the FATCA Responsible Officer (RO) at their non-US financial institution is an easy way to a career boost, they should read the latest “Notice” from the US Treasury Department-Internal Revenue Service. They will see there is nothing easy about the job they aspire to. The Notice also […]

ACFCS appoints financial crime and AML technology expert Edward Sander, of NICE Actimize, to itsAdvisory Board

Press Release October 30, 2013 Contact: Leslie Kraft Burke Editorial Director lburke@ACFCS.org Phone: 786-517-2731 ACFCS appoints financial crime and AML technology expert Edward Sander, of NICE Actimize, to its Advisory Board MIAMI – The Association of Certified Financial Crime Specialists (ACFCS) today announced the appointment of Edward Sander, Global Vice President and General Manager of […]

Three UK dependencies and secrecy havens sign FATCA-style agreements with UK

Isle of Man, a major tax haven, became the first British dependency to sign an agreement with the United Kingdom (UK) to share financial account information. The agreement, signed on October 10, 2013, will require the Isle of Man to automatically provide a wide range of tax and financial account data to the UK. Officials […]

ACFCS remembers Cameron “Kip” Holmes

The Association of Certified Financial Crime Specialists ACFCS notes with sadness the passing of Cameron Hilding “Kip” Holmes, 64, who passed away September 29, 2013. Widely considered a pioneer in the anti-financial crime industry, Kip was one of the most creative minds in asset forfeiture and financial fraud. A graduate of Harvard University and Georgetown […]

ATM maker Diebold dispensed cash and posh travel to foreign officials, pays DOJ and SEC penalties

For years, Diebold’s automatic teller machines (ATMs) have dispensed cash to millions of customers in 90 countries. Now it appears the Ohio-based company also has been dispensing a lot of money on its own without the benefit of its vaunted machines, dispensing money and other favors to public officials in China, Indonesia and Russia to […]